5 Best Off-Road Camper Trailers (2018 Guide)

Best Off-Road Camper Trailer Options

1. Manley ORV Explore

The Manley ORV Explore off-road camper offers high ground clearance, so you’re able to take it just about anywhere you want to camp.

The downside is this is a no-frills camper, though this is a positive for many campers. You’ll get a durable, easy-to-operate camper without air conditioning, heat, shower facilities, or burners.

The Explore features 33” tires and is styled like an M416 with a six-foot bin for holding gear.

This camper feels a bit like a pop-up tent, but it’s more durable and offers more protection than a standard tent.

If you’re looking for a camper trailer that is durable and offers the bare necessities with none of the creature comforts of home – other than shelter – this is the camper for you.

2. Aussie Swag Ultra D

This off-road camper trailer can go with you anywhere you want to go, including the rugged outback down under!

The Ultra D is high-quality and offers strong, practical shelter for camping.

It also comes with a number of optional features and can help you have a comfortable at-home-like camping experience.

You’ll stay warm – or cool – and dry and be able to cook food and use the facilities inside of the camper.

The Ultra D is a hard floor camper. This makes it easy to assemble, but also offers a great deal of protection during your camping experience.

It also keeps out the bugs, which is essential for many campers.

The camper has a slide-out swing-around kitchen, which was a feature developed in the 1990s by Aussie Swag.

The kitchen in the Ultra D is considered by many to be an industry standout and impressive by modern-day standards.

Its glide-out design ensures space is maximized, but without sacrificing any of the things you want in a kitchen.

It features a stainless-steel sink for clean-up, a bench space for seating, and a LED-lit pantry drawer.

There’s also a four-burner stove and freezer refrigerator combination with a thermostat.

All of these creature comforts don’t come at the expense of power.

The Aussie Swag Ultra D features:

  • Three 105Ah premium East Penn batteries that can be refreshed with a massive 60amp charger 20amp Dc-Dc alternator plus solar panels with regulator
  • 1600W pure sine wave inverter with an auto-switch mode for mains power

The power is controlled via a visible battery management system.

This camper comes with plenty of storage space and a number of other accessories.

If you’re searching for a “forever camper,” and you want something that can go anywhere and make you feel as if you’re at home, this is the camper for you.

3. Kamparoo Daintree LE from Cub Campers

The Kamparoo Daintree LE from Cub Campers is a hard floor camper that offers fast, easy press-button set up that’s perfect for campers of all ages.

This camper features a kitchen area with awning and two-burner stove with wind deflector.

There’s a sink, a manual water pump, and a small but sufficient food prep area.

There is also some space for cutlery and utensil storage, as well as a small slide-out pantry.

Kamparoo thought of a few things other designers missed – like the ledge that offers storage that is reachable from the bed and the high-density foam mattress that makes sleeping while camping just as comfortable as sleeping at home.

This camper is marketed to couples hitting the off-road terrain together, but it offers enough space for four comfortably.

It’s a great option for retirees who intend to occasionally bring along the grandkids for an off-road camping trip.

The Daintree has a few downsides, including not enough lighting and no battery, but otherwise, it’s a well-loved model among off-road camping enthusiasts.

4. Track Trailer TVAN Murranji

The Track Trailer TVAN Murranji defies convention and is popular among those who plan to go for long-haul camping.

If you have a long trip on your bucket list and you’re looking for a camper that will work for that sort of experience, this is it.

It can go just about anywhere, including dirt roads that are poorly maintained, without sacrificing any of the features you want on a long camping trip.

The Murranji features a state of the art body design that gives you plenty of headroom in the bedroom area and more width than even earlier models of this camper offered.

It’s a great option for taller or larger campers or for those who aren’t fond of feeling claustrophobic while camping.

The Murranji off-road camper features:

  • Roof storage system
  • Sidewall storage pockets
  • Four interior lights
  • High-quality fold-away fan
  • AM/FM/CD/MP3 stereo player
  • Lining for the roof

There’s a full kitchen with a sizable stainless-steel sink and workbench for cooing.

It has an electric pump and stove, but the windshields are inadequate on the stove, so cooking can be a bit challenging.

The camper has a refrigerator, a sliding drawer for kitchen storage, and a second water tank.

The TVAN features a decent amount of storage space, including a unit in the kitchen space and an area under the bed.

This camper is a popular choice for people looking for something that is strong when it comes to off-roading, in need of a lot of storage space, and looking for something that offers long-term comfort.

However, it could be equipped with a better stove and more lighting.

5. Conqueror UEV330

The Conqueror UEV330 got a lot of attention from the industry when it was introduced by Conqueror.

Like most Conqueror campers, the UEV330 off road camper trailer has a military style that is undeniable.

Colors and design are all rugged and militaristic and features a number of visible rivets, nut, and bolts.

These off-road campers are strong and durable, but also offer a decent amount of flexibility for campers.

They work in off-road conditions ranging from forests to beaches to rocky mountain terrains.

The camper offers 4WD for a reliable off-road experience and can be customized in a variety of different ways.

The UEV330 is comparable to Conqueror’s UEV345 model and actually was recognized at 2017’s Off-road Camper of the Year awards.

Though small, the UEV330 has a lot of features.

It’s lightweight, despite its heavy-duty construction, and can be towed easily by a variety of different vehicles.

Tires and wheels are custom designed, but the standard 16” Bridgestone Dueler All Terrain tires work fine in most environments.

The exterior of the camper features a luggage or firewood rack on top, and there is a slide out door that features a National Luna refrigerator-freezer combination.

There’s also a pocket door for extra storage, as well as twin “ammo boxes” that can be used for additional storage.

The horizontal doors are perfect for bench seating, and the sliding pantry provides storage for mugs and cups or breakable bottles.

Dining in the UEV330 is convenient and comfortable.

There is a large L-shaped kitchen space with basin containers and a two-burner Smev stove. There’s also plenty of storage space for utensils, bowls, cups, and food.

Cold water outlets are standard, and a hot water upgrade is available.

The kitchen features a trestle table that can be stowed when in motion.

The UEV330 comes standard with twin batteries, a Ctek charger, an inverter, twin 240V outlets, and individual circuit breakers.

There’s also LED trailer lighting in the rear, and a spare tire and jack.

The UEV330 features an easy to fold out tent made from military grade rip-stop canvas.

It gives decent protection from rain and sun, and the camper has plenty of weatherproof windows with mesh screening.

There’s a queen size bed that is accessible via a ladder that can be stowed away when not in use.

This camper can easily move through sand and mud and drives better than smaller vehicles and 4WDs in more extreme challenges.

It’s one of the most efficient models on the market but doesn’t sacrifice anything in terms of comfort or convenience.

Owners of the UEV330 love its compact design that doesn’t sacrifice comfort and the fact that this camper comes with plenty of accessories and features.

It has a low center of gravity, making it easy to two, and is easy to set up when you reach your destination.

Its large kitchen is great for making the most of the camping experience, and there’s plenty of storage space, so you can keep the camper neat and organized.

This is a favorite among off-road campers, and there are very few things those who have camped in this vehicle would change about it.

Any of these campers would be a great option for those who love off road camping.

It’s all a matter of which features you prefer and your personal price range.

How to Choose an Off-Road Camper Trailer


An off-road camper is an excellent vehicle for getting into the wilderness and enjoying a true rugged camping experience.

The best off-road camper trailers offer a variety of features and allow you to camp with confidence, even if you’re new to off-road camping.

Off road camper trailers are different from other camper options for a few reasons.

They are usually smaller, at least on average, and have just a single axle. They usually feature large tires suitable for off-road travel.

There are off-road campers out there that are more “luxurious,” but this doesn’t have to be the case.

Off-road campers are available in hardtop, pop up, or tent-link varieties. Some have the accessories featured in an RV, while others offer just the basics for staying sheltered and for sleeping.

Choosing an off-road camper trailer can feel overwhelming, but with a few tips, you’ll find the experience much easier.

What should you consider before investing in an off-road camper?

What is Your Off Road Trailer Budget?

Just as you would with any larger purchase, you need to consider your budget when buying an off-road camper trailer.

There are so many choices available that you’ll have your choice of features no matter your (reasonable) budget.

Having a budget also makes it easier to narrow down your selection.

Having a range for your budget or a maximum spending amount gives you some flexibility without overwhelming your shopping experience.

Before you even begin your search for an off-road camper, set a budget range and do your best to stick to it.

Where are You Camping?

Chances are if you’re thinking about buying an off-road camper your destination is going to be rugged, but just how rugged?

And how far will you need to travel to get there?

It’s possible to find sturdy, comfortable campers that are not suited for off-road camping, but if you have your heart set on really getting out in the wilderness, you can expect to pay a little bit more.

It will be worth your investment, though, because the last thing you want is to take a camper not built for off-roading into that environment.

How Many People are Camping with You?

You’ll need to buy a camper large enough for your family and friends if they intend to camp with you.

You only need as much room as you need, but you want to make sure everyone is comfortable for sleeping.

To make your sleeping experience more comfortable in a trailer, consider investing in a foam mattress.

Obviously, if you’re off-road camping and want a rugged experience, then comfort isn’t your first consideration – it’s just having the shelter and protection you need mainly for sleeping.

However, if everyone is crowded during the night, you’ll regret cutting corners on space to save money.

What Features Do You Want?

Finally, you’ll want to consider the features you want in an off-road camper trailer. Do you need cooking facilities or just a place to sleep?

Do you want to spend time inside the camper other than sleeping?

Features in an off-road camper are a personal decision, and there is no right or wrong choice. It’s just whatever you and your fellow campers need and want.

Some people prefer a no-frills option, especially when off-road camping, while others want all the creature comforts of home, even though they are out in the wilderness.

There are plenty of great camping cookware and kitchen items to make your time on the road better.

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