14 RV Kitchen Accessories (Kitchen Must Haves)

I’m a person that likes to cook; Although I love the great outdoors and the RV lifestyle, I can sometimes miss the kitchen in my house back in Florida.

I travel quite a bit, so I am often used to making do in tiny spaces.

Whether it’s an RV kitchen or a Tokyo Apartment, I know how valuable maximizing the space you have in your kitchen is.

In the following paragraphs, I have compiled a list of 21 useful must have RV kitchen accessories.

1. Hanging or Magnetic Spice Rack

I realize this feels a little bit odd to be first on the list, but you really need to think about it.

In most non-RV kitchens, there are typically 1-2 entire cabinets that are dedicated to random spices.

This Spice Rack from DecoBros which you can find here on Amazon will help to provide you with more space for those limited cabinets, but it will also keep the spices from rattling around during the drive.

There is also a magnetic variety kitchen spice containers which can be very useful in the tiny space of an RV.

Purchase a set of those on Amazon and place a magnetic strip on one of the walls in your RV’s kitchen.

It is a simple process, but it will be space saving, makes all your spices easily accessible, and the finished product can have a cool look to it.

2. Pan Lid Organizer

This one is also a little odd, but its one of my personal favorites.

Like myself, I can imagine that you know the feeling of frustration when it comes to pan storage.

How many times have you experienced this; you finish cleaning the pans and try to put them neatly in the cupboard, but the lids and pans will not stack on top of one another.

It all becomes a sliding and clanging mess that can be incredibly difficult to keep tidy.

This disorganized stacking wastes a moderate amount of space.

This cool lid organizer from Mdesign can be found on Amazon, and I think you will thank me for it.

3. Pot Dividers, Pan Dividers, and Shelf Liners

Since we are talking about the lids, let’s briefly go over the other part of this noisy equation.

Learning to pack your RV is a process. Initially, weight, security, and sometimes storage space are your primary concerns.

After about five minutes, you develop another one. Noise…Those pots and pans that you had packed away so nicely start to clang and scrap each other as you subject them to earthquake like conditions.

Pulling over, you use your ingenuity and stuff those towels between the cast iron skillet and its noisy brethren.

Eventually, you might want something a bit cleaner.

Pot and Pan dividers will protect your cookware and possibly save a bit of your sanity too.

Along the same line of thought, shelf liners can have a similar effect to your various utensils.

They can also work fantastically well to separate your plates. Think about it now, or think about it later.

Either way, it is going to be on your mind.

4. Dinner Plate Cradle

This is definitely not something a lot of people think about, but it can be convenient.

It’s practical for several reasons.

First, it helps the plates from sliding around; keeping them securely grouped together.

Second, you can actually mount it in your RV.

Whether it’s near the eating area on the wall or inside a cupboard, many RV goers that have used this product rave about it.

There are a few different options out there, but I personally like this one from Camco that you can get on Amazon.

5. Instant Pot

If you ever watched Home Improvement and remember Tim Allen’s character “Tim the Toolman Taylor” talk about the Binford assortment of excellent man-grunting products – this would be like that.

An Instant Pot is one of the best items you can have in your RVs kitchen arsenal.

It’s seriously cool.

Some foods take a long time to cook in an oven or a stovetop.

Take those same foods and toss them into an instant pot for a near (as the name implies) instant dinner.

Here are a few examples taken directly from the Instant Pot website.

You can cook foods super fast that otherwise have taken hours of time.

Also, you are making everything in one pot, and that means fewer dishes to wash and a cleaner kitchen.

This one is my favorite because it’s not too small and holds enough to feed about 2-3 people.

6. Knife Holder

When you have children, you become incredibly aware of the reach of those sticky little fingers.

Like Columbus, they explore their world; rummaging through all the random crap that you haven’t seen in years.

While that curiosity can be admired, it inherently presents some dangers.

As parents, we need to take the necessary preventative measures to protect them from their own curiosity.

RVs present some dangers, such as drawers that are accessible to those whose height and age are still battling for supremacy.

To keep them safe my own kids safe, I’ve taken measures to keep the pointy objects such as knives out of their tiny little hands.

A well-placed knife holder has helped me, and it can also help you too.

It also helps free up drawer space.

My favorite is produced by a company called Camco which makes what they call a black knife safe.

I think you will really appreciate it.

6. Sink Cutting Board

This thing is fantastic and something you won’t want to live without.

You may already have one in your RV, but this one is unique.

If you do use a standard smaller cutting board – it probably takes up a large amount of space on your already small countertop.

Well, this one fits over your trailers sink; how great is that.

It also has a small cutout so that you can easily slide whatever waste you don’t need into the sink for easy cleanup.

The feet underneath it are also adjustable, so it should fit most RV sinks.

7. Collapsible Dish Rack

If you are a paper plate and utensil kind of traveler, then you may not need this.

If you prefer something reusable, then I would recommend a handy dish drying rack such as this one.

It will hang neatly over the sink so that you can continue to utilize that valuable countertop space.

When you are done with the rack, it will neatly collapse to allow you to store it for later use easily.

8. Paper Towel Holder

Ahh, paper towels, the necessity for every camping trip, but not exactly something you want taking up space on your counter.

This paper towel holder will allow for you to mount it on the inside of your cabinet; provided the door is at least 3/4 inches thick.

It will help you keep the towels accessible and dry (I don’t know how many times I have personally ruined a new roll of paper towels due to the accidental spill).

Save yourself a couple headaches and utilize a towel holder.

9. Cupboard Bar Holders

I love these things; bar holders can be something that someone new to RVing can easily forget until something comes crashing down as they drive around a tight corner.

In my opinion, it’s an invaluable item to have in your trailer.

It keeps all your cupboard items from flying around the shelf.

They start at 10 inches but extend to 17, so they are quite versatile.

Some people have been extra creative, using them in their freezer to hold some items in place.

I like this one the best which you can find on Amazon.

10. Fridge Brace

You buy cheap little clips called fridge braces.

For a very small price, you can keep your 2-liter from looking like you just survived an earthquake.

11. Ovenware

It can frustrate when you first start cooking in your RV’s oven.

A lot of people slowly piece together their ovenware sets as they encounter various dinners and baked goods that they can’t cook with their regular-sized pans.

This can be easily solved by purchasing an ovenware set from Amazon.

About $20 will get you a low-quality set of ovenware that will be sufficient for most of your needs.

*As a quick mention – Look into nesting sets of cookware and ovenware. They save a ton of space*

12. Paper Plate Dispenser

Typically, I prefer to use plates that are more substantial than paper.

However, that isn’t always the logical way to go.

As I am sure that you are aware ( especially when boondocking ) water isn’t always easily replenishable.

Sometimes, you’ve got to stretch out your vital resources.

Washing dishes can use up that water really fast.

During those times, I renew my love for the paper plate dispenser.

This useful addition is extremely cheap, (Under $6) it barely takes up any room, and it holds over 100 plates.

13. Canned Food Dispenser

These useful dispensers are fantastic additions to your RV’s cabinets…provided that they are large enough.

Being able to use the vertical space to store your canned food is a huge plus, but some of the smaller RV’s will not have the depth, width, and/or the height required to fit these dispensers.

As my dad has told me a thousand times, “Measure twice.”

It’s good advice if you don’t like spending money frivolously.

14. The Mighty Mug – The Unspillable Mug and Tumbler

Currently, seat belt laws as they apply to RV riders are rather lax within the United States.

While driving, the passengers can sit pretty much anywhere, and there are not always cupholders in those locations.

During transit, anything not secured down is going to jump and bounce across the table or counter until it eventually falls onto the ground.

I have learned to really appreciate anything that can prevent air-headed mistakes from causing any accidents.

For that reason, I am loving this rather ingenious mug and tumbler.

The company claims that these cups are unspillable.

While that claim is not exactly true, it is as close to the definition as I have ever seen a cup be.

Watch this video, and you can clearly see that it would take a very significant thwap to knock one of these babies over.


If you have a smaller RV…or if you are a pack rat with a large RV, you might find that storage space is running a bit low.

The cupboards are full, the closets are overflowing with clothes, and the oven is packed with dinnerware.

If you find that you still need places to store your kitchen supplies then take a look at those barren walls.

With a little ingenuity, you can add a peg board and some hooks, some surfaces might work with suction cupped hooks, maybe consider using one of those over-door storage devices.

There are plenty of options, but be careful with what you add and how you add it.

Your RV can look like a dump station if you are not careful.

Those are some of my must-have kitchen accessories.

Do you agree or disagree with the list?

What are some of your favorite items that you would have added?

Let me know, and I might add a few of them to my own.

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