Highest Rated Travel Trailers On The Market

If you are looking for a luxury RV but still enjoy the convenience of being able to hitch and unhitch it at your convenience, you’ll likely be interested in our list of the best quality travel trailers.

Our team sorted through dozens of travel trailers to provide you with a list of those modern, luxurious options.

We believe that this list of the five best quality travel trailers will serve as an upgrade to your existing unit.

How We Selected The Highest Quality Trailers

Determining the highest rated travel trailers was one of the more challenging tasks we’ve taken on because there is a wide range of models available.

We wanted to make sure that we provided you with only the best offerings so that you would be satisfied picking any one of the units on the list.

We began by limiting our search to recent models from 2018 and 2019.

Although there are quality travel trailers from years prior, some of the amenities have already become outdated.

We felt that since we were compiling luxury travel trailers, we provided you access to the most modern facilities.

Second, we limited our options to those trailers on a hitch.

You’ll find that there are many Class A, Class B, and Class C motorhomes that are of high quality.

We wanted this article to cater specifically to those who would appreciate the convenience of being able to connect and disconnect quickly.

Travel trailers also cut down on the likelihood of having to secure a commercial driver’s license as well.

Furthermore, we looked at travel trailers that came with upgrade options.

Upgrades have become more standard across the industry, but we wanted to ensure that each model that we listed gave the owner room to grow and customize it to his or her needs.

Each one of the travel trailers on our list has various manufacturer upgrade packages available.

Lastly, we sorted through hundreds of online reviews, both from critics and for those who owned or rented a travel trailer.

Examining these reviews provided us with the chance to gain better insight into the functionality of the vehicles.

After combing through reports, we feel confident with the list of the five best quality travel trailers that you’ll find below.

The Highest Rated Travel Trailers

  1. Keystone Passport Elite Travel Trailer
  2. Airstream Sport Travel Trailer
  3. Livin Lite Camplite Travel Trailer
  4. Forest River Flagstaff Micro-Lite Travel Trailer
  5. Dutchmen Aerolite Travel Trailer

Keystone Passport Elite Travel Trailer

A Luxurious Model Sure to Satisfy Keystone Fans

Those who have long enjoyed Keystone trailers will find the Passport Elite Travel Trailer particularly appealing.

With six floor plans available and the ability to sleep up to ten, this travel trailer is sure to meet all of your needs.

Why We Recommend the Keystone Passport Elite Travel Trailer

This spacious option is ideal for those needing an abundance of space.

One of the first things we noticed was that Keystone added vaulted ceilings to the interior of the Passport Elite, making it much easier for people to move around the camper.

The roofs are 6’ 8” high, which is plenty tall enough for most individuals.

Additionally, the interior of the camper features luxurious amenities, such as an LED flat-screen HDTV.

The vehicle comes standard with a 13,500 BTU air conditioner, although customers have the option to upgrade to a 15,000 BTU model.

If customers plan on using this vehicle in sweltering summer conditions, they could also upgrade to a secondary air conditioning prep.

Lastly, we liked the Keystone Passport because of its durability.

Customers can rest assured that they are receiving a high-quality product when buying this camper.

It features durable aluminum sidewalls, as well as gel-coated filon laminated exterior walls.

There is also residential-style furniture inside the unit, made with high-grade fabric.

Customers will feel as though they never left home when in this camper.

Key Features

  • Six floorplans available
  • Sleeping Capacity ranges from six to ten
  • Exterior Height = Maximum of 11’ 2.”
  • Exterior Length = Maximum of 38’ 1.”
  • Unloaded Weight = Maximum of 7,020 pounds

Airstream Sport Travel Trailer

Don’t Let the Simple Exterior Fool You

One look at the exterior of the Airstream Sport Travel Trailer and it’s easy to see that the company has been in business for more than 80 years.

However, you should not let the basic aluminum exterior fool you.

The interior of this travel trailer provides a luxurious experience while on the road.

Why We Recommend the Airstream Sport Travel Trailer

If you’re looking for a lightweight, compact model to help dip your feet into the world of luxury travel trailers, then you’ll want to look into the Sport Travel Trailer from Airstream.

We appreciated how well Airstream made use of the space inside of the Sport Travel Trailer.

For instance, a bed sleeps two people comfortably while the multi-purpose dinette converts into sleeping space for two more.

One of the areas of this travel trailer that stood out the most was the kitchen, which comes with a two-burner stove and microwave.

The microwave comes with a convection setting that makes grilling possible when you cannot do so outdoors.

Additionally, Airstream designed the counter explicitly for food preparation.

Overhead lockers store all of your kitchen utensils and cookware.

There are also other modern amenities, such as a memory foam mattress, retractable awning with LED lights, and a JVC Stereo with Bluetooth.

There are also USB and 110V charging ports throughout the camper.

Customers can choose from two floor plans and upgrade to features like a solar panel. Basic 2019 models begin at just under $49,000.

Our team was very impressed with the Airstream models and encourage our readers to explore some of their other offerings as well.

For instance, we also liked the Airstream Classic 30, which has advanced features like a three-burner stovetop and retractable clothesline.

The Classic is a bit larger than the Sport, but it features the same retro aluminum exterior design.

Key Features

  • Two floorplans available
  • Sleeping Capacity ranges from two to four
  • Exterior Height = 9’ 3”
  • Exterior Length = Either 16’ 4” or 21’ 8.”
  • Unloaded Weight = Either 2,860 pounds or 3,634 pounds

Livin Lite Camplite Travel Trailer

The Lightweight Option Versatile Enough to Take Anywhere

The Camplite Travel Trailer from Livin Lite is one of the most lightweight, versatile, and convenient options on our list.

With the ability to house six people and a maximum unloaded weight of 3,650 pounds, this could be an excellent choice for new entrants into the world of RV luxury.

Why We Recommend the Livin Lite Camplite Travel Trailer

Even though this travel trailer is lightweight, it doesn’t skimp on amenities.

One of the first things that customers will notice inside of the camper is the refrigerator, which is an astounding six cubic feet.

The unit also features double-doors, much like the refrigerator you may have in your home.

There is also a two-burner stove. If you love to prepare lavish meals while traveling, you’re in luck.

Livin Lite also makes it easy for owners to customize the unit to their liking.

Not only do they provide nine different floor plans to choose from, but they also allow customers to select from one of three different interior color choices.

One of those options is all-aluminum, which we found provided a clean-cut retro look to the interior.

Customers could also choose from a wide array of add-ons as well.

For instance, they could install an LED TV or a Power Awning with LED Lighting.

Since the vehicle is so versatile, customers may also find themselves interested in the Off-Road Package that comes complete with All-Terrain Tires.

Those seeking additional sleeping capacity will also likely be interested in the tip-out bunk.

Key Features

  • Nine floorplans available
  • Sleeping Capacity ranges from three to six
  • Exterior Height = Either 9’ 10” or 10.’
  • Exterior Length = Ranges from 15’ 7” to 27’ 6.”
  • Unloaded Weight = Ranges from 2,430 pounds to 4,130 pounds

Forest River Flagstaff Micro-Lite Travel Trailer

Spacious Bunkhouse Offerings for the Whole Family

The Flagstaff Micro-Lite Travel Trailer from Forest River is available in 17 different floor plans, many of which contain bunk beds (see more bunk bed trailers).

This unit is incredibly spacious, giving families plenty of room to move around freely.

The vehicle ranges in length from 20 to 25 feet.

Why We Recommend the Forest River Flagstaff Micro-Lite Travel Trailer

Forest River said that they designed this vehicle so that customers could tow it with an SUV or mini-van, which we feel makes it an excellent fit for families.

This travel trailer contains many advanced heating and air conditioning features, such as a ducted furnace and a 13,5000 BTU ducted air system.

There is also a carbon monoxide detector and a gas oven.

The kitchen also contains a three-burner gas stovetop range with a glass cover.

There is also a family dinette as well as free-standing tables and chairs.

The kitchen also features a water filtration system, allowing you to drink the water that comes from the faucet.  The 12V recessed ceiling LEDs also stood out to us as a luxury feature.

The electronic that came included with this unit wowed us as well.

For instance, customers will find a mounted 24” LCD TV and a Mounted 32” LCD TV inside the vehicle.

They’ll also see an MP3 Player Hook-Up and a premium soundbar.

In front of the television, there are heated theater seats with USB ports, allowing you to charge your phone while enjoying your favorite movie.

Key Features

  • Nine floorplans available
  • Sleeping Capacity ranges from three to six
  • Exterior Height = Either 9’ 10” or 10.’
  • Exterior Length = Ranges from 15’ 7” to 27’ 6.”
  • Unloaded Weight = Ranges from 2,430 pounds to 4,130 pounds

Dutchmen Aerolite Travel Trailer

An Affordable Option That Doesn’t Sacrifice Luxury

Dutchmen is one of the most well-known brands in the recreational vehicle industry, so we weren’t surprised to see them make the cut on our list of the best quality travel trailers.

The Aerolite is an affordable choice that still manages to provide customers with luxury options.

Why We Recommend the Dutchmen Aerolite Travel Trailer

One of the best features of the Dutchmen Aerolite Travel Trailer is the In-Command Remote Operating System.

This touchscreen panel provides users with access to all of their vehicle’s electronics in one convenient location.

Customers can use the operating system to control not only the interior and exterior lights, but the awnings, slide-out, and generator as well.

It can also read tank fullness levels.

Customers also have the option to upgrade their vehicle as well.

One of the packages that most stood out to us was the All-Weather Thermal Package, which contained a fully-enclosed, force-heated underbelly.

Because inadequate insulation is a problem that continually plagues trailer owners, we felt that this upgrade could be an investment worth making.

Dutchmen also makes a premium interior package available to customers as well.

This package contains luxury options like shaw flooring, a porcelain toilet, and a kitchen backsplash.

The vehicle will also have a glass fireplace and a three-burner glass stovetop along with a 21” oven.

Key Features

  • 16 floorplans available
  • Sleeping Capacity ranges from three to eight
  • Exterior Length = Ranges from 25’ to 34.’
  • Unloaded Weight = Ranges from 4,449 pounds to 6,665 pounds

Conclusion On The Highest Rated Trailers

If you’re looking for a high-quality travel trailer with the convenience of being able to hitch and unhitch it as you go, you should strongly consider the five models listed above.

Our list of the best quality travel trailers features the most modern models with premier amenities.

Additionally, those interested in buying one of these quality travel trailers could also select a manufacturer’s upgrade package.

The options on this list are ideal for both beginner and veteran campers.

If you’re someone who is trying to convince your family to travel or go camping, providing them with a quality travel trailer could be an excellent motivational tool.

If you’re someone who has outgrown your existing travel trailer, it could be time for you to upgrade to a higher-quality model.

Regardless, we believe that you’ll be satisfied when choosing any one of the five travel trailers we reviewed.

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