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Airstream Alternatives (Airstream Look Alike Trailers)

When you think of a travel trailer, the iconic Airstream is what typically comes to peoples minds first. It’s the most instantly recognizable trailer on the market today, and for good reason.

Airstreams are incredibly durable, they hold their value, they never go out of style, and their full-bodied flashy aluminum siding is hard to miss.

The Airstream has also garnered an impressive following of rather obsessed RV owners. People that love the vintage design and classy retro feel and just can’t get enough of them.

However as much as we love Airstream, and we seriously do, we think there are other trailers that should get a little attention for their vintage appeal. Trailers that capture the same appeal as an Airstream and might make a good alternative.

7 Best Airstream Alternative Trailers

We think you will really like some of the choices we have included on our list. Some of the trailers are pretty expensive, but they certainly give Airstream a run for the money. We looked for trailers that had multiple characteristics similar to an Airstream trailer and didn’t concern ourselves with the price of the trailers. Our goal was simply to provide a nice list of alternatives to the classic Airstream.

1. Living Vehicle Trailers

This is definitely the most expensive trailer on our list of Airstream alternatives, and for good reason. It has the outside look and feel of an Airstream trailer however the inside of the trailer feels more like an upscale flat in London. Its modern finishes and smooth interior create a look and feel of luxury living. The trailer was actually designed by professional architects and it shows.  You definitely won’t be roughing it in a Living Vehicle trailer and even Airstream owners will consider this trailer an upgrade.



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2. Oliver Travel Trailers

We think the Oliver Legacy Elite II trailer makes a great Airstream alternative, especially after you consider the price point when compared to other Airstream models. At a starting price of $53,000 its still quite expensive, but you are also getting a lot for your money. Its definitely considered a luxury trailer with its full bathroom, molded vanity and expert crafted fiberglass interior.


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3. Bowlus Road Chief Trailer

The Bowlus Road Chief trailer will definitely turn some heads with its sleek aluminum design and classy interior. In fact many RV owners might actually make the mistake of thinking that its an actual Airstream model due to its strikingly similar appearance. Bowlus manufactures two different models, the “Endless Highways”, and the “On the Road”. The price range is between $137,000 – $185,000. This is very comparable to some Airstream models. Both models are also under the national park average length limit of 27 feet.


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4. Homegrown Trailers

Homegrown makes some seriously classy, sustainable and self-sufficient trailers. You might not think to compare them to an airstream at first, but there is a certain feel that Homegrown Trailers evokes and it just seemed right to add them to the list. Simply take a step inside one and you will see what we mean. Homegrown isn’t your average trailer company either. Throughout the design process they have made environmentally friendly decisions wherever possible. In fact they were rated “the most eco- friendly camper we’ve seen” by Outdoor Magazine.


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5. Riverside RV

If retro RVs is your thing then check out Riverside RV. These trailers will take you back in time with their old fashioned but upscale interiors and sleek lined exterior. They have 11 different floor plans in their retro series so it won’t be hard to find one that will fit your needs. The trailers also start at around $10,000 which is obviously much cheaper than an airstream.


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6. Happier Camper Travel Trailer

This is definitely one of the smallest trailers on our list of Airstream alternatives, however it might be a good fit for someone thats looking for something on the smaller end without the hassle that a larger trailer can be. It still gives you that retro feel and would make a great weekend trailer that you can just hookup and go. It’s also very lightweight which will help you save on gas cost.


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7. Dub Box Trailer

Okay, seriously, can you get anymore vintage than this half pint trailer? It’s actually one of our favorites on the list due to its size and versatility. It’s a great family camper and it’s made entirely out of fiberglass which means its incredibly light-weight. With the Adventure model starting at around $27,000 its very economical. There are also many options that can be included in the camper as well as some used models that you can find available on the Dub Box Trailer website.


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Conclusion on Airstream Alternatives

We hope you found our list of Airstream look alike trailers to be good alternatives for the real deal. If you happen to see other trailers that we haven’t included but that you feel belongs in this category we would love to hear from you.

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